45Smart DNS or VPN – what’s better?

Smart DNS or VPN – what’s better?

VPN and Smart DNS Explained in Simple Words

A VPN has become the conventional tool for unblocking the internet but we can’t deny the fact that Smart DNS has some great stuff that it brings to the table. Since Smart DNS proxy services are still relatively new, a lot of consumers would still go for a VPN service to bypass geo-graphically restricted content. But little do people know, Smart DNS is the better tool in certain ways.

To determine which of the two sophisticated tools you really need, let’s take a look at their main differences and at the end of this article, we can come to a conclusion as to which tool is better than the other.

VPN explained

Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is basically a group of networks that are combined into a giant network called the internet. The term ‘virtual’ is important in understanding the way VPNs really work. A VPN serves as a virtual machine that connects individuals to secure and encrypted networks.

The way VPN works is that it masks users’ IP addresses with an IP that is acceptable to the network or website they are attempting to access. Changing the IP address allows for secure communication lines away from eavesdropping and data sniffing practices. Once connected to the internet via a VPN, you will be exposed to the cyber world with a fake IP address, making it impossible for unauthorized third-parties to breach through your system.

More importantly, you don’t only get legit / fake IP address, your communications will also be encrypted using army-graded encryption allowing maximum security and privacy while you surf the web. VPNs are highly advisable to be used when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure that no one will and can snoop on your connection.

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What is Smart DNS?

Unblocking regional restrictions is what Smart DNS does best. A Smart DNS proxy server enables internet-capable devices to access blocked content from anywhere in the world. Smart DNS works by using specific DNS credentials that would allow connection requests to be rerouted into the Smart DNS provider’s own servers rather than to the site you are attempting to access.

Smart DNS does not directly alter the users’ IP address. The IP masking happens on the DNS servers which would then connect to the desired content you want to access. This principle alone can distinguish a Smart DNS from a VPN. A Smart DNS proxy may utilize similar VPN features, but Smart DNS is certainly not a VPN.

Smart DNS does not also provide encryption of any kind. Technically, with no encryption happening in the network, Smart DNS are able to provide better connection speeds than VPN. Smart DNS’ are also specifically designed to unblock most streaming media. So, if you’re trying to unblock Netflix abroad on your Xbox, then you’ll get better performance with a Smart DNS service.

Top 3 SmartDNS Services for UK

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VPN vs Smart DNS: Which tool works best?

Considering all their features, we can say that VPN is the best tool. But then again, we can’t take away the reliability of Smart DNS when it comes to unblocking streaming media. So, in conclusion, the best tool really depends on your needs. If your main concern is unblocking streaming media, then we suggest you simply make use of Smart DNS services. Otherwise, if you need more than just unblocking features, then do invest your money on a VPN service.


Last updated on 10th of July 2015